UPRT training

Desdemona BV, in co-operation with AMST GmbH, offers Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) with highly realistic motion simulation and a validated aircraft model.

We offer a training in Desdemona, that provides pilots the knowledge and skills to avoid, recognize, and recover aircraft states at the limits of the flight envelope. The recovery scenario’s include “high”-G recovery from upsets, approach-to-stall, and full stall. The SUPRA flight model realistically simulates aircraft behaviour at extreme attitudes and high angles-of-attack (including full stalls). The out-of-the-normal-envelope behavior of the flight model was validated by 9 test pilots.

For the program of the one day course, please have a look at the training syllabus on the AMST website: “Pilot Awareness & Aircraft Limits course”, or contact us directly for more info.

The EU-funded research project SUPRA pushed for new simulator technologies to enable ground-based simulation of upset recovery in commercial transport aircraft. Desdemona provides a technological breakthrough by means of advanced motion cueing concepts for the simulation of sustained G-loads and high angular rates involved in upset conditions.