In this training course the potentially dangerous effects of Spatial Disorientation are demonstrated in the motion simulator during short scenario’s. It is an essential course for both student pilots and experienced pilots. In contrast to the type specific courses, this training focusses entirely on “pilot perception in flight” and not on procedures and piloting skills.

Unrecognized Spatial Disorientation often leads to loss-of-control, and is still one of the leading causes of aircraft accidents, both in civil and military aviation. The training course makes pilots aware of the conditions (motion, weather, terrain) that can potentially lead to Spatial Disorientation.

The Spatial Disorientation cours consists of a theoretical part (to explain the limitations of the human perception system) and a demonstration part in the Desdemona simulator. Depending on the background of the pilots, civil or military, different disorientation effects are demonstrated, such as:

  • somatogyral illusion (graveyard spin)
  • somatogravic illusion in go-around
  • subthreshold motion (e.g. roll)
  • flying brown-out conditions
  • flying adverse weather in the mountains
  • flying valley landings
  • flying on NVG’s