The Desdemona: a unique motion platform

Advanced simulation for motion critical training.

Immersive motion simulation is the primary product of Desdemona BV. On this fundament, courseware is developed for simulator training, with partners and domain experts. Together with the Centre of Man in Aviation (Royal Netherlands Air Force), several courses have been developed for military aircrew. With the Netherlands Institute for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) we focus on perception and human factors research.

  • centrifuge, < 3.3 G
  • linear track, < 8 m
  • vertical track, < 2 m
  • roll, unlimited
  • yaw, unlimited
  • pitch, unlimited

The Desdemona motion platform is unique in the world. It combines a centrifuge design for G-loading with 5 additional degrees-of-freedom. Making it the ideal simulator for motion critical training scenario’s.