All training scenarios in Desdemona are based on the real-life experiences of aircrew. Experienced Airmen are highly involved in the development of the training, the testing of the flight models and the generation and evaluation of the environmental models. The trainings are developed in close cooperation with the Centre of Man in Aviation, of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Brownout landings and take-offs, valley landings, adverse weather in the mountains and out-of-the-envelope recoveries are difficult piloting tasks. They are difficult to simulate correctly, but this is where Desdemona stands out. The large motion envelope, detailed flight models and realistic environmental modelling enable effective training of these motion critical scenario’s. Although Spatial Disorientation (SD) can not be avoided completely, proper training makes the pilots aware of the dangers and will help to avoid unrecognized Spatial Disorientation.

“SD hazards are not allways manifest”